What is part of the supplied uniforms?

For softball, we provide visors, jerseys (poly tees), belts, and socks.
For Cal Ripken baseball, we provide hats, jerseys (poly or cotton tees), and belts (no belts for T-ball)
For Cal Ripken tournament (all-star) baseball, we provide hats, jerseys (poly tees), belts, and socks
For Babe Ruth 13-15 baseball, we provide hats, game jersey, belts, and socks.


What do players need to provide?

At all levels, each player needs their own mitt, batting helmet, cleats*, and water bottle.

Each player is also responsible for baseball/softball pants at all levels, except tee-ball where any pants that can get dirty are acceptable. 

Players may provide their own bat, batting gloves, catching gear, and other accessories. 

*Tee-ball is sneakers only; no cleats.