Who participates at the Majors/Minors baseball evaluations?

Before we form teams each season, we hold an evaluations day (aka tryouts). Players who are either (a) new to KCRBL or (b) moving up to the Minors or Majors level should participate. This allows coaches to get a first impression of each player’s current baseball acumen in order for us to create as fair and balanced teams as possible. In general, all players with league age of 11 should move into Majors and all players with league age of 9 should move into Minors.  The evaluations give us the opportunity, in some cases, to recommend players do not move up because they are not ready regardless of age.

What occurs at Majors/Minors baseball evaluations?

Coaches at the given level, plus some league officers and directors, will evaluate participating players in the categories of hitting, throwing, catching, fielding, and running within a controlled environment. Evaluators are given forms for scoring the athletes in order to come up with overall averages of scored evaluations to assist in properly assembling fair and balanced teams. The final averages are not shared beyond the President, Vice President and participating team coaches.

When are Majors/Minors baseball evaluations?

This changes each year, but is typically in late March so that teams are formed at the beginning of April. It is usually a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and takes place in a couple of the Kingswood High School gymnasiums. In the event that we have excellent weather and field conditions allow it, evaluations would take place outside on a field at the KRHS/KRMS campus.